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Distribution / Control Equipment and Accessories

This includes distribution panels, lightening arrestors, bus bars, insulators, isolators, circuit breakers, earthling, fencing etc

Transits, Glands and Electrical Equipment

Transits, Glands and Electrical Equipment which includes stopping plugs, junction boxes, lockout kits, cable lugs, crimps etc

Instrumentation / Communication

Instrumentation / Communication and Process control equipment/Materials which includes air flow control valves, pneumatic valves, flow meters, pressure control modules etc

Measuring Instruments

pressure gauges, thermocouples, thermistors, Resistance temperature detectors (RTD), float switches, level sensors, flow sensors, ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic flow meters etc

QA/QC services

QA/QC services which includes materials/components inspection, NDT services, materials management consultancy, cost/planning consultancy, document control consultancy etc

Floorings, walls, windows and doors

Floorings, walls, windows and doors (finishing) which includes epoxy floors, 3D floors, tiles, concrete floors, 3D wall panels, 3D ceilings, painted and laminated PVCs etc

Instrument testing / calibration

Instrument testing / calibration services which includes control valves calibration, equipment and accessories inspection etc

Supporting services

Supporting services which includes manpower supply, temporary hire of technical and administrative staff etc

Testing / Inspection

Testing / Inspection (film) which includes checkweighers, metal detection devices, x-ray etc

Scale Models

Scale Models which includes Ships, Rigs, Plants etc

Control Panels

Control Panels and Control Stations

Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Equipment which includes portable drilling machines, grinding machines, etc

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